Our array of competencies allows us to undertake processes where the need for advisory is paramount

How to accelerate growth through acquisitions?

How to plan a succession?

Is now the right time to sell, and if so, how to prepare adequately?

How to arrange a parting of ways between business partners?

How to approach the world of LBOs?

How best to involve management in value creation?

Which solutions exist to finance growth?

How to manage financial partners when facing a situation of underperformance?


Alignment of interests is key to a successful operation. That is why we take the lead on the following tasks:

• Preparation of a compelling business plan, which the management can defend;
• Price optimisation;
• Management’s reinvestment in the company, as the case may be;
• Assistance in debt raising and structuring;
• Drafting of any documents necessary to carry-out the operation;
• Execution risk management and compliance with deadlines.


We help companies achieve their external growth ambitions when traditional means are not appropriate.

We act on behalf of our client as a genuine extension of the company in order to establish a build-up platform:

• Preparation and monitoring of a pipeline;
• Negotiation with potential targets;
• Coordination of the different parties (auditors, lawyers, strategic advisors…);
• Deal structuring;
• Assistance in raising any necessary financing;
• Review of all the legal documentation necessary to the transaction;
• Preparation of board meetings.

We assist our client post-acquisition in order to confirm the rationale of executed deals.


The course of business can bring partners to develop contrasting visions or perhaps strategic disagreements. Often, their resolution is found in a reorganisation of the capital structure: exit of one or multiple partners, parting of assets between partners, definition of a modus operandi with a view to prepare a transaction.

We act on behalf of all, or in some cases, certain shareholders to implement an appropriate solution, and, as the case may be, play the role of its safekeeper through our presence on the board.


We lead negotiations between peers in a trust-building environment, while preserving the strategic interests of our client and the confidential nature of the discussions.

We work to give substance to the strategic rationale: modelling and estimation of synergies, reflection on the combined group’s positioning and implementation of a common governance.


We advise companies for which the nature of the activity or the market context do not allow for a traditional process : sectors with few benchmarks, companies active in an undervalued sector, inadequate market momentum...


We sit on the board of companies in order to support the relationship between investors / founders / managers.
We act as a trusted third party to stakeholders with little exposure to the financial realm or to business practices in France.

We may also lead the various board committees such as the Acquisition Committee, the Succession Planning Committee or the Remuneration Committee.


We advise companies for which the context or market may lead to underperformance, resulting in a need for advisory: financial impact for the company, redefinition of the strategic roadmap, stakeholder management (managers, shareholders, banks and debt funds)...
We assist the company in its negotiations between shareholders and debtholders and in the recalibration of the management incentive scheme. We coordinate the different parties required in these situations, on behalf of the company (strategic advisors, financial auditors, legal advisors).

As the case may be, we advise on any deals in connection with the redefinition of the strategic roadmap (disposal of non-core assets, build-up, merger…).